Volunteer at BrethrenCon – We can’t get this ship underway all by our onesies, savvy?

BrethrenCon has opportunities for enthusiastic and responsible volunteers both at the convention and before the event. You can put in a few hours, or head up a committee. Volunteers who invest at least 8 hours into BrethrenCon recieve one BrethrenCon membership, a $40 value. (You’re always welcome to put your coin on the table for the Captain’s Breakfast, or other BC goodies.)

Of course, some areas are more specialized than others. Event Organization usually requires some sort of skills – project management, sales, database management – while Event Staffing might require more in the way of stamina and people skills for badge checking or ambassadorial duties. It’s all critical to making the convention run smoothly.

Let us know which ship you’re wantin’ to sail on. We’re probably going to have a job for anyone who volunteers, but we want to make sure that the job you get fits your personality. Make your requests on the form below, and we’ll try to get you matched up

Event Organization

We need crew to get the ship underway! If you have interest in working on promotions, publicity and media, staffing the Promo Party, helping with mid-year events, collecting booty for prizes or the auctions, or simply stuffing Plunder Game bags, we need all hands on deck.

Event Staffing

Once BrethrenCon is under sail, we’ll need help with checking badges, setting up merchants, running registration, staffing contests, coordinating auctions, packing the whole thing down on Sunday, and myriad other tasks, both small and large.

Shinies for Volunteers Only

4 hours = Pirate pin (or other volunteer-only swag) Pirate Swag of awesomeness – only available by volunteering (did you see or hear about last year’s shot glasses?) (20 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates) – 5 pts for every hour

6 hours = Spoken Honorarium at Closing Ceremonies(30 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates)

8 hours = Free pass to BrethrenCon  and thank you listed in Gatebook (50 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates)

10 hours = All prior perks and (60 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates)

12 hours = 2 free passes to BrethrenCon (75 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates)

15 hours = All listed prior, plus free tickets to Captains Breakfast for 2 (100 pts to donate to your choice for King o’ the Pirates)

WARNING: if you have not volunteered and agreed to your shifts etc with the Volunteer Coordinator by Friday September 14th, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your perks and Shinies.

Contact the Volunteer Coodinator –

Volunteer Rules
“…more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.”

Remember that you are representing the Sunken Bones Society and BrethrenCon when you volunteer to help out. We expect volunteers to act responsibly and professionally, including being careful about spreading rumors or gossip or just venting about co-volunteers, and dressing professionally (if casually) or in piratical attire when working with the public, the media, businesses, or our guests – in general, shape the impressions and memories of people associated with BrethrenCon into a positive experience.

Volunteers will be provided with a schedule and are be expected to abide by that schedule like a real job, including contacting us if you can’t fulfill your obligation. Volunteers who don’t live up to expectations will lose the option to volunteer and get volunteer shinies at future BrethrenCons.

By clicking on the “accept” radio button at the bottom of the page, volunteers accept the following conditions:

You certify that you are offering your services to the BrethrenCon and/or it’s affiliates or associates on a volunteer basis.

You are accepted as a volunteer on an “at will” basis and may be dismissed at any time based upon performance or availability of work.

You will receive no pay, benefits or other privileges of employment of any kind for your services.

You are not eligible for workers compensation benefits if you are injured or become ill as a result of volunteer work.

You are not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits when your volunteer assignment ends.

You are not promised and have no expectation of receiving a paid position as a result of your volunteer work.

You certify that the facts set forth are true and complete.

If accepted as a volunteer any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made on this application may result in immediate dismissal.