Brethrencon Buccaneer Bash December 18

You asked for it! Many o’ you sea-dogs ‘ who attended the Buccaneer Bash in years past have lamented the shortness of the party, and commented regularly that it needed to be longer.

We heard you!

Welcome aboard the official website for Denver’s premier Pirate celebration!
BrethrenCon is by far Colorado’s largest and most exciting pirate event, and Denver’s first EVER pirate convention! Drawing buccaneer brethren from across the nation to partake in our revelry, BrethrenCon is an event not to be missed! The convention offers nothing short of the best in food, activities, vendors, and entertainment!

Just because we’re landlocked doesn’t mean we can’t party like pirates! Indeed, we believe our aquatically challenged location to be an advantage. Why? It’s simple: neutral ground. You cannot get farther away from the ocean than Denver, Colorado! Being so far inland, Denver is the ideal location for pirate brethren from all 7 seas to come together on equal footing!

This most excellent celebration is being held every year, March 18th, beginning promptly at 12:00 noon! That’s right, one day before International Talk Like a Pirate Day! So buckle yer swash, and shiver yer timbers, because this is going to be a party for the record books! We’ve got a fantastic lineup slated for this year, including a delicious Caribbean feast! We are happy to welcome back the Celtic musical stylings of Mondragon and we are phenomenally excited to present the eerie pirate/gypsie/zombie folk airs of that deliciously devilish troupe of undead, The Widow’s Bane.

And watch out, because in the early evening the party begins, with the con’s transformation into the UNDEAD Buccaneer Bash! That’s right folks, the Aztec gold will have a hold on us all as the night progresses, and the zombies, ghouls, and fiends come out to play! Yer off the edge of the map, mates! Here there be monsters! Come in your best undead pirate attire, or just your best pirate attire! Or if it comes down to it, just come in your civvies! And remember, you don’t have to be a hard-core pirate to enjoy this, the best Talk Like a Pirate Day celebration in the state! Everyone can be a pirate for one day!

See you at the con!

Yers by the Code,
The Sunken Bones Crew

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